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What questions should I ask to get a good testimonial?

When we simply ask a client for a testimonial, without structure or guidance, we end up with “so-and-so is a top-notch [enter your profession here] and really knows her stuff” or “he did a fantastic job on the project – we’re very happy with the results!”

These are nice to have – and certainly more helpful than no testimonial at all. But they’re not particularly effective at busting a new potential client’s objections or demonstrating exactly how you’ve delivered value for investment for others like them.

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Asking for a testimonial feels awkward. How can I make it easier?

As a consultant — whether you’re solo or an agency owner — so much of your business feels very personal. It just feels awkward to ask for a testimonial. It might feel like you’re asking too much when we are essentially asking “please take some time to say nice things about me.”

So, other than providing a structure for your clients through asking targeted questions, how can you make it easier to ask your client for a testimonial?

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When should I consider doing an interview to get a testimonial?

Asking questions to offer a structure in order to get good testimonials instead of the random ones clients will offer is something that is highly recommended.

But how should you ask these questions?

  • In an email?
  • With a survey form?
  • In a phone interview (either yourself or a third party)?

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What is social proof?

In a consulting context, what does it mean when we say “social proof” or “testimonial”?

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