What My Clients Say

Case Study Service 

“One of the great results of our work together is the ability to share my full value in a way that a potential client or collaborator can digest…” 

Initially, I wasn’t sure if my clients would be comfortable speaking to a third party, but they were happy to talk with Meg and I got good feedback from them after they spoke with her about how pleasant the experience was. Meg really handled them with the type of care that I would’ve handled them with.

What I liked most is that Meg really allowed me to take a backseat after our initial conversations. She got feedback that I probably wouldn’t have gotten or would’ve been more difficult for me to get objectively. She compiled it into stories that read really well in a way that I absolutely could not with my time, skillset and what I’m focused on. At the same time, I appreciated the opportunity to collaborate on shaping the content during the editing process to make sure the voice was the right fit for me.

One of the great results of our work together is the ability to share my full value in a way that a potential client or collaborator can digest. It’s really great to just be able to point to a story that tells how an entire process went with another client, whereas previously it would take me an hour or two to have that conversation. It stands in for that conversation and answers so many questions — and cues new questions as well to move things forward. It’s really provided me a way to build relationships with leads and collaborators better.

I wish I’d gone thought this case study process sooner. It has really helped me to capture and be more mindful of the qualitative and quantitative benefit of my work with clients and I now have a better idea of how to tell the story of the work we’re doing and our success as we’re going. I think that my future projects will be improved because of it.

Sam Alexander
Fractional CTO for Creative Entrepreneurs & Teams, Extended Play

“You need to be able to convey to prospective clients that what you do is impactful and show why your services work…” 

We are re-branding and restructuring our website. We needed to capture some case studies that encapsulated the work that we’ve done for Shopify merchants and how impactful it was helping build our merchants’ businesses.

We were searching for someone to handle this and we were referred to Meg. What attracted us to her service was she knew the right questions to ask, she knew how to make the people interviewed feel comfortable, and she puts together case studies that go beyond data points and actually show how someone’s business is improved by the service provided.

The cost was a hesitation initially, not because Meg wasn’t worth it, but because it was a sizeable investment for us and we weren’t sure exactly when we could deploy them publicly on the new site. But we’ve found that the value provided for the cost has more than paid for itself.

We’ll be using these case studies as sales tools to show prospective merchants in the fashion industry what we’ve done for other brands.  Even before publicly deploying them, having these case studies supports our brand and has helped give us understanding how to better display our abilities to prospects in a concise format. Sharing them internally with our team has also helped provide internal validation of what we’ve been able to do and how we can really impact merchants’ business.

If you don’t have case studies showing your work you’re going to get passed up for lucrative deals by other agencies. You need to be able to convey to prospective clients that what you do is impactful and show why your services work.

Meg is excellent to work with to capture those case studies. I particularly like her hands-on approach, follow-up and professionalism.  It’s great to know we have her in our corner to reach out to do this for us. I can’t wait to work with her again on more case studies. I have complete confidence that I can just put her in touch with someone and get the desired results. I don’t have to worry about it. It’s very hands off, which is one of the most attractive things for a busy executive.

Nihar Kulkarni
Managing Director, Partner | Roswell Studios 

“It’s not just the case study. It’s the customer interview. That’s something that is difficult for me to ask personally and something that is very valuable…  ” 

My main hesitation was less about whether or not Meg would deliver and more about whether I could use the case study well enough to make it worth the price and get an ROI from it.

I loved what Meg delivered. The case study gives me great marketing material and social proof to go out there and promote my product. I also loved that it included lots of pull quotes, which work so well and a lot of copywriters don’t do.

It’s not just the case study. It’s the customer interview. That’s something that is difficult for me to ask personally and something that is very valuable. I think that customers are much more willing to talk to someone like Meg. There’s a different relationship and I think that helps people be more free. My conversation with them would be more in the context of offering customer support. Meg’s conversation is much more organic and brings out both the things that are good about the software and what I can do to improve it. It’s more real. I learned a lot and got great insight what my customers have to say about my product.

The main benefit of Meg’s service is that’s it’s turnkey. It’s all done for me. I send out an email and then I get content back and it’s done. I have already recommended Meg to a bunch of people. Stop reading this and go hire her. 

Keith Perhac 
Founder, SegMetrics 

“Doing case studies myself involved a lot of mental clutter and time consuming tasks… ” 

I had previously done case studies on my own. When I came across Meg’s service, I really liked the idea, but I had some worries. You have only one opportunity with the client to get the case study. Would Meg represent us well with the client? Would she capture everything important for the case study? But once I spoke with Meg, it cured a lot of those concerns.

I wish I hired Meg sooner. Doing case studies myself involved a lot of mental clutter and time consuming tasks. Delegating that responsibility to someone else, it just freed me up from worry about it. I knew Meg would schedule the time with my client, speak with them, do the writing and the follow up. She also makes sure I’m still part of the process. I can verify that we captured everything and make sure it represents what we’ve done for the client. But Meg leads the process and takes that burden off of me.

The end result is much better than what I have done myself. When you’re writing it yourself, you can explain too much and try to put too much into the case study. Before, when I would write case studies, I would do a basic interview with the client but fill in a lot of the information myself. I was highlighting things which may not always have been true or most important for the customer. Getting Meg to do it, the client gives a candid interview. They highlight what they most remember and what is the most important. They shared more information, more important information and Meg turned it into case studies that highlight only the things that matter most.

I think engaging Meg looks much more professional to the customer. We are a boutique agency. Doing the case study and interview of the customer myself seems less professional than connecting the client with someone who takes care of that and has the ability and the time to dedicate to the process. I would definitely recommend Meg to others.   

Leonid Mirsky
Founder | Opsfleet 

“What’s most valuable about Meg’s service is that it’s done for you at a high standard…” 

“What’s most valuable about Meg’s service is that it’s done for you at a high standard.”

I had an idea of what I hoped to get out of engaging Meg to do a case study for me. My main hesitation was around whether that expectation would be met. 

The case study was excellent – far better than what I would have done on my own. I wouldn’t have gotten that depth of information. The fact that Meg is independent leads her to go into more detail with the client about the specific issues they were facing and how they benefited from my services. There were also some things I knew already but I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to put into the case study. Meg paints quite a complete picture. I expected to be able to use the case study in one or two ways, but I’ve ended up getting something that can easily be repurposed in other ways I didn’t expect.

What’s most valuable about Meg’s service is that it’s done for you at a high standard. You can just hand it over and have peace of mind that you’ll get something great back. One of the key things in starting a business is deciding where to focus your time and what to prioritize. I always ask whether something is the best use of my time and am I the best person to be doing it? For many people, calling up clients and writing up the case studies is not the best use of their time and they’re not going to do it justice. This is the right type of thing to let go of and give over to someone else you can trust. Meg is a specialist in this space and her professionalism comes through, so it just makes sense to engage her. 

Viren Thakrar
Co-Founder | 
In The Game

“I went in with reasonably high expectations of Meg’s service, thanks to a very enthusiastic recommendation from a colleague who has worked with Meg before…” 

Before engaging Meg, I was a little concerned that it would be awkward to introduce her to my client, thinking that they might not respond well to being interviewed by a third party. But it was a total non-issue. The client didn’t even question it and readily agreed to do the interview.

We now have an extremely professional, client-approved case study that we can shop around to future clients. It reads much better than what I could put together. I probably would have used overly flowery statements or go a little too far into hyperbole, which would likely turn off the client as well as the potential clients reading it. Because this is Meg’s specialty, she has a command of what potential clients are looking for. There’s value in that third-party audit.

I really liked how hands-off it was. With previous engagements, it’s been awkward to do the asking and following up for a testimonial or case study. And because we continue to work with our clients on a daily basis, it can feel disingenuous for me to ask about it in the midst of fixing problems for the client. I really valued having Meg as a neutral third-party to handle the interviewing, writing and especially the follow-up with the client so that it’s separate from those ongoing day-to-day interactions.

I went in with reasonably high expectations of Meg’s service, thanks to a very enthusiastic recommendation from a colleague who has worked with Meg before. Those already high expectations were met and exceeded. I can certainly see myself engaging Meg anytime I need another testimonial or case study from a client. 

Lee Whalen
  Founder | Fuzzy Logic

Testimonial Service 

Meg makes the process easy and takes all the work out of our hands…” 

Having a third party like Meg hold the conversations and put together the testimonials helps remove our bias from the information. The story gets framed with the view of someone outside our organization (like our customers are). The testimonials Meg constructs are so valuable, we publish them immediately after they are completed to get them out there in the world to see.

Meg makes the process easy and takes all the work out of our hands. We just fill out a few questions about the client, introduce them to Meg, and she takes it from there. Even with as little as there is left for us to do, sometimes things might slip through on our side because we’re all so busy. But Meg is great about sending reminders. It’s fabulous knowing she won’t let something drop because it somehow accidentally got lost in my email vortex.

Megan Horn
Content Strategist | Call for Content 

“Because we’re a small company, we’re stretched in many directions…” 

We have a ton of experience in a specific niche we’re targeting, but it’s hard to demonstrate that without social proof. A client’s words speak volumes. It just does something that simply having screenshots of the work doesn’t do. 

We reached out to Meg on the recommendation of someone whose opinion we highly trust and who was very confident in her abilities. We had never worked with someone to get testimonials or feedback from our clients before, so our only hesitation was around whether it would be worth it, but we were willing to try it out. 

It was totally worth it. The testimonials we got as a result give us credibility and will probably help increase our chances of getting potential new clients in this focused area we’re going after. Because we’re a small company, we’re stretched in many directions, so it would have taken us a significantly longer to do the testimonials and I don’t think we would have done them as well as what Meg executed for us. 

Because our clients don’t work directly with Meg, I feel like we got more candid feedback and uncovered things that we wouldn’t necessarily have gotten by doing it ourselves. We got some positive comments that validated our clients were happy and it brought to the forefront some of the challenges that we helped solve for our clients that weren’t top of mind for us.

Meg made it so easy for us to just hand everything off to her.  She’s really good at guiding people through the process and setting expectations of how it’s going to go and alleviating any concerns. She confirms her understanding of what you’re looking for, proactively anticipates your needs and makes sure the product she delivers addresses those needs.

Megan Young
Project Manager | 
Gearbox Solutions

“A super-easy and non-awkward way to get really high-quality testimonials and feedback…” 

My main hesitation was wondering whether capturing a testimonial from this particular client, who was outside my niche, would be helpful and effective for me. But being able to talk it through with Meg helped me understand how I could position and use a testimonial from the CFO.  Being able to capture a sentence or two in the testimonial that says, “Yes, Justin’s expensive, but totally worth it.” That’s a perfect testimonial from a CFO and she was able to capture it. 

It’s just a bit awkward to ask for testimonial in a client-consultant relationship. Being able to have a third party like Meg just ask those question and be able to have just a freer conversation with the client, it makes it so much easier. I think if I hadn’t been able to pull Meg in, I probably wouldn’t have gotten a testimonial from this client because I wouldn’t have asked. 

I’m very happy with the results. Meg goes through the interview and boils it all down, making a nice concise, well-written testimonial.  I really like how she even bolds a few sentences to call out really salient points – it’s a really nice touch.

Not only are you getting the testimonial, but also other relevant feedback from the client in the final document. Clients often will feel awkward giving constructive or even somewhat negative feedback. Understanding that something may have come across a bit negative from the client’s perspective allows me to adjust some things. Getting that constructive feedback is one of my favorite parts of working with Meg because it really helps me to be able to grow and develop as a consultant.

I’ve engaged Meg a couple times. I have also referred her to others and will continue to. She has such a smooth process, I honestly can’t think of anything that I would change about it. It’s just a super-easy and non-awkward way to get really high-quality testimonials and feedback. 

Justin Bergen
iOS Consultant & Owner | 
Five3 Apps

“Everyone who’s in the consulting business knows the importance of client testimonials. Working with Meg is the most painless way to do it…”

When I saw the price, I had to think about it for a minute. But then once I thought about it, it was a no brainer.

With Meg’s process, it makes it really easy for my client to give her that feedback, which she’s able to turnaround and package into something that far exceeded my expectations.

The best feature about this service is that I don’t have to do it. On top of the fact that I don’t have to experience any of that awkwardness or weirdness of asking the client for feedback, there’s also value in getting good quality feedback that I don’t think I could have gotten on my own. I think there’s just something about talking to a third party that resulted in better feedback and a better testimonial. 

Everyone who’s in the consulting business knows the importance of client testimonials. Working with Meg is the most painless way to do it. She saved me time, she saved me energy. This is not something I do in my business. Meg has a process, she’s professional, she’s a great interviewer and writer. She knows how to do it so clearly. If there is someone that does it as their business, why not let them do it?

Andrew Schulman
Schulman Consulting

Even though I do quite a bit of interviewing and research with people, I still find bringing in a third-party for an interview with my own client is really valuable… ” 

When I bought Meg’s service, I thought of it as a binary – I would either get a good testimonial, or I would not get a good testimonial.

I ended up getting a lot more than that.

First, I got one of the best testimonials I’ve read. It’s a lot better than I was expecting and better than I could do myself. It makes my authority marketing service sound like something a potential client really should use. That’s a surprise because I thought my service mainly as a “nice to have” – so I got some added confidence about the value I’m providing.

Not only did I get a great testimonial, but I also got some amazingly useful information. What Meg is really doing is having a customer research interview. Even though I do quite a bit of interviewing and research with people, I still find bringing in a third-party for an interview with my own client is really valuable.

I was surprised at some of the benefits that my client said they valued most about my service. I got better insight into my target client and ideas of what to focus on in my marketing and the types of messaging I’ll be sending out.

I appreciate that Meg’s service required very little time or effort from me. We spoke on the phone once, then once I introduced her to my client, she handled everything and kept me updated throughout the process. It’s a load off my plate.  

I’d absolutely recommend Meg’s service. The testimonials she puts together are seriously top 1%. 

Michael Greenberg
Chief Strategist & Interviewer | Call for Content


“When I came across Meg’s service, my main concern was whether I would be able to use the feedback and testimonials in an effective way…” 

I wanted to level up my business and move away from projects where I fill the role of a “pair-of-hands” or a sub-contractor to being more of a trusted advisor and high-value consultant.

I wanted to get detailed testimonials that go beyond some of the comments I’ve received in the past –  such as “it was a good project” or “we had a tight timeline, and Bruce did what we asked” – which I would categorize as nice, but not particularly helpful for my goals.

When I came across Meg’s service, my main concern was whether I would be able to use the feedback and testimonials in an effective way.

As a result of engaging Meg, I gained the confidence to charge higher prices. I went back to a client that Meg interviewed for me, and as a result of the feedback she gathered, I felt more confident in my value. I created a project proposal with additional value.  The end result: I proposed a higher price in the proposal. I landed the project at a price point that was 20% higher. 

I also gained a better insight into what clients want and used the opportunity to strengthen my connection with them. It was great to get substantial validation and commentary from my clients and understand what they were thinking. I believe it helps me understand them better and thus serve them better at a later time. It also helps me stand out because most consultants aren’t engaging someone like Meg to do a service like this to really get that in-depth understanding.

I would recommend Meg’s service to other consultants. It makes sense for people that are hitting the ceiling of how much they can charge and are looking to level up. I’ve engaged Meg multiple times and foresee continuing to do so. It’s helping me get to where I want to go — charging higher prices and being a higher-value consultant. 

Bruce Harpham
Author and Content Marketing Strategist

“Our clients are very busy, so I was hesitant about taking up too much of their time with the interviews…”

We saw Meg’s service as an opportunity to contribute to our efforts to standardize and optimize our business processes. The testimonials for us were a way to conduct an exit interview with our clients to solicit feedback on what worked, what didn’t and what we can improve upon in the future. The impact of this exercise exceeded our expectations.

We selected our most recent 10 clients to conduct a pilot group of exit interviews.

Our clients are very busy, so I was hesitant about taking up too much of their time with the interviews. But Meg worked with us identify the most effective questions to ask and kept the interviews to 20 minutes or less. When requesting participation from our clients, we saw an overwhelming response with no pushback, which further eased that concern.

Because of the volume of exit interviews that were conducted, we were not only able to receive individual feedback based on various types of projects, but Meg was also able to provide us with a consolidated review and analysis of the overall findings, which has been tremendously useful to us. As a market research and strategy analysis firm, the feedback and analysis of the trends was critically important to the overall value in the project for us.

We gained valuable insight, including validation of what we were doing well and identification of opportunities for improvement. We’ve used the analysis we received to guide us in adopting new processes and policies to enhance both our clients’ experiences with us, but also the productivity and success rate of our internal team.

As a result of the service provided by Meg, we now have 10 high-quality, professional testimonials that we have incorporated into both new business proposals and corporate materials.

These concrete, glowing references from clients have resulted intangible new business development that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise.

We appreciated Meg’s efficient process and that very little time and effort were required from us. After we made the introductions to the clients, Meg took care of everything. That is a huge benefit for us, because in our business, time is money.

Based on the results from the pilot exercise, we have now adopted ongoing exit interviews into the process with our clients with Meg leading this on our behalf.

I highly recommend engaging Meg for this type of ongoing service to anyone looking to improve their business or solicit new business. It’s a tremendous opportunity and highly useful, with a fairly minimal investment for potential high-impact results and a clear return on investment.

Having had the opportunity to work with Meg over the last five years, I can tell you that she’s extraordinarily professional, trustworthy and very respectful of the confidential nature of many of the clients we work with. You’ll be in good hands with Meg.

Laura O’Blenis
Founder & CEO | Stiletto (Business Solutions and Strategies)

“My biggest fear was having someone else talk to my client without me there…”

Once I started building the website for my new consultancy, I realized I needed to show off what I had done with past clients, and the best way was to get some testimonials.

After meeting Meg, I had few hesitations to paying for her services. My biggest fear was having someone else talk to my client without me there. What put me at ease was seeing that Meg had a clearly defined process for the service and that she conducted herself professionally in our conversations. I could see that she knew exactly what she was doing and would get better results than if I were to collect the testimonials myself.

As a result of her help, I received very detailed, valuable testimonials that were laser-focused on the business outcomes I achieved for my clients.

What I liked most about the service was the personal touch. Unlike some services like this, Meg’s not outsourcing the interviews to junior contractors. My clients are upper management – often CTOs – at multi-million dollar companies. When I present myself to them, it’s as a peer. Anyone I put in front of my clients needs to be of that same caliber and reflect well on me. How Meg conducts herself is conducive for interacting with these higher-end clients.

As an unexpected bonus, she collected feedback from my clients about what I could improve in my services that they never would have told me personally.

Not because it was negative feedback per se, but because it’s sometimes uncomfortable giving feedback directly while being easier to do with a third-party. I also appreciated the wrap-up document I received at the end of the project with the testimonials and the additional feedback, all in one package.

I have already recommended Meg to others, and will continue to do so. I think this service is incredibly valuable and it’s a no-brainer for consultants with high-dollar clients.

Mike Julian
CEO | Duckbill Group

Survey Testimonial Service 

“The price of Meg’s service was a bit steeper than I was expecting… “

I used to send out a feedback survey to clients and put together the testimonials myself from the responses. It took a lot of work, and the responses just kept piling up because I could never seem to find the time to keep up with all of that feedback.

Initially, the price of Meg’s service was a bit steeper than I was expecting. But I’ve found that the time savings alone are well worth it. 

We have a nice process in place that makes it much easier for me to get and publish testimonials. The results I get are significantly better than what I would do on my own. Having Meg as an expert third-party handle constructing the testimonials really helps. I just worked with my clients for a few weeks or months, so I already know what they’re telling me. It’s difficult for me to objectively look at their feedback and pick out the compelling points. But when I get the testimonials Meg puts together for me, I think, “Wow, that’s awesome!”

This is currently the only part of my business I outsource and it’s worth it. I’d definitely recommend Meg’s service to others.

Josh Doody
Salary Negotiation Coach